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Our products enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce latency in turnaround time.

Expert Trainers


Happin has expert trainers, who has vast experience in different IT Domains and Technologies




At Happins, we train on latest technologies especially for experienced IT employees who wants to upgrade professional skills


Internship for new College Graduates


We will train and help them to get experience on real-time projects in the niche technologies


Unlock the Information Advantage

Happin Enterprise Information Management helps organizations unlock the Information Advantage of driving sustainable growth and the capability to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

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Rian Adam / Managing Director

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We have solutions for AI based products for predictive analysis and automating workflows, solution for automating the STLC process and others.

We have other vertical which focus on resourcing and consulting.We have been tied up with many IT companies where our resources have been deployed and working for our prestigious clients.

    Products and Services

    AI Test Automation Tool


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    Incident Management


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    Secure Data Access


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